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Do you love motorcycles and are brave and kind?  Wearing Steel Cowgirl lets the world know!


Welcome! I’m Regina, the founder and designer of Steel Cowgirl.  I am an artist by trade and a community builder by heart. My husband, Stephen, and I live in Georgia with our two adorable pups, Zoey and Lulu. I love motorcycles, coffee, and a great pair of boots! In 2010, I joined my passion for motorcycling with my love of creating original art and started Steel Cowgirl. It quickly became more than a shop – it is a community of amazing women. I love designing each and every product with you, my sisters, in mind.  What I love even more is the supportive and encouraging connection all of the Steel Cowgirls have with one another.  If you ever see me or another Steel Cowgirl in the wild, come say hi!  See you on the road!! xo Regina

regina.jpg  Regina Hafer, Owner & Founder

brandi.jpg Brandi Parks, Buyer & Sourcing

skeeter.jpg Skeeter Snelling, Public Relations & Marketing



About Steel Cowgirl


At Steel Cowgirl we know getting started in motorcycling can feel intimidating and overwhelming.  We know the disappointment that comes with loving motorcycling, yet friends and family don’t quite understand it.  We know the excitement of having a million questions or feelings to share, yet not quite knowing where to find answers or share those feelings.  We understand feeling lonely in a crowd, not quite fitting in.


That is exactly why we created Steel Cowgirl – to be a place for all of us to belong. 


So, who exactly is a Steel Cowgirl?


Steel Cowgirls are women from all stages and walks of life, bonded by a passion for motorcycling. We are strong women who lift each other up, are a bit zany, and don't take life too seriously. We celebrate the gift of friendship, sharing both the joys and sorrows of life.   


Kind and Brave, Steel Cowgirls spread joy and beauty wherever we go – and anytime you see another gal sporting our brand, you know that woman is a sister, an instant friend, and someone who understands you.  


You can be a member of any riding club or no club at all and still be a Steel Cowgirl. Two-wheels or three-wheels, whether you ride your own or on the back with your squeeze – if you love motorcycles and sisterhood, you are a Steel Cowgirl. 


Come and join the Steel Cowgirl sisterhood!


About Steel Horse Rider

Steel Horse Rider is a men's/unisex line. The artwork is bold, masculine, and easily seen when riding down the road.  The designs complement the Steel Cowgirl brand, so you and your main squeeze can look great together!

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