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Established in 2010, all designs are original art created by me with you in mind

 Some people ask "what is Steel Cowgirl?" well, I could easily say it's a line of women's motorcycle clothing featuring my original artwork in sizes S-4X, BUT it's really so much more. First and foremost it's a drama free zone, it's not a club, no membership or clicks, it's rather a way of life and thinking. Women that lift eachother up rather than break eachother down, are bit zany and don't take life too seriously. It's all about being there for eachother for the good and bad. You can be a member of any riding club and still be a Steel Cowgirl. Whether you ride your own or on the back of your squeeze, if you love motorcycles, you're a Steel Cowgirl. 

 Steel Horse Rider is my men's/unisex line.  I created the artwork to be bold, masculine and easily seen when riding down the road.  The wording on the shirts are original lyrics from a song written by my husband, Stephen, about the feeling of freedom we get when riding.

 I'm constantly creating new items so check back often!  Come and join the ride...see you on the road!!!

Regina ~ Steel Cowgirl

Steel Cowgirl is a Registered Trademark of Steel Cowgirl LLC 
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