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 A portion of every sale is donated back to help animals. 


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SHOP BY DESIGN: Click the photos below to go directly to the shirts featuring that design

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 Want to know more?  Read on.... 

All designs are original art created by me. The graphics are screen printed onto the fabric, ensuring top quality.

Steel Cowgirl I believe that those of us gals that ride our own motorcycles, ride behind our main squeeze and/or have a love for motorcycles are all friends from afar.   I wanted to create a line of apparel to unite women motorcycle enthusiasts no matter how far apart we may live.  When we wear Steel Cowgirl, it lets everyone know that we are united as motorcycle loving sisters! 

Steel Cowgirl Horse I have loved and ridden horses my entire life.  Many Steel Cowgirls ride and/or love horses too!  If your tough as nails and find therapy riding your horse..then you are a Steel Cowgirl and we are all friends from afar! 

Steel Horse Rider is my men's/unisex line.  I created the artwork to be bold, masculine and easily seen when riding down the road.  The wording on the shirts are original lyrics from a song written by Stephen Hafer about the feeling of freedom we get when riding.

Steel Cowgirl Jewelry Each piece of Steel Cowgirl jewelry is hand made by me using fun charms, stones and crystals.

Denim Tattoo Jeans  Upcycled jeans are hand painted using permanent ink and accented with studs.  Designs are freehanded by me so each pair is a one of a kind work of art.

 I'm constantly creating new items so check back often!  Come and join the ride...see you on the road!!!

Regina ~ Steel Cowgirl


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